About Us

About Us

A manufacturer specializing in weaving, bleaching, dyeing, and printing to produce stretch fabric series

Company Profile

Zhejiang Huiyi Textile Co., Ltd. is a star in Haining's textile industry. It was established in 2002. After years of unremitting efforts, it has now begun to take shape. Haining is adjacent to Shanghai in the east and Hangzhou in the west, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation.

Zhejiang Huiyi Textile Co., Ltd. is a star in Haining's textile industry

The company uses advanced equipment and professional technology to create high-quality products. The flame laminating machine and glue laminating machine we currently have are mainly engaged in the production of various sofas and garment fabrics, as well as various composite processing businesses. In addition, we have 6 German KARL MAYER high-speed warp knitting machines. The main products are warp-knitted non-pile, spandex super-soft, ordinary super-soft, super-imitation, cotton-like velvet, suede and all kinds of printed and technical fabrics. It is widely used in industries such as knitted fabrics, clothing and accessories, sofa decoration.

Our company has been serving every customer with the tenet of "strive to innovate and pursue endless". We are willing to work together with you colleagues to create a new era in the textile industry.

Company Culture

Continuously listen to and meet customer needs,

guide and exceed customer needs, and win customer respect;


Focus on long-term development and do not harm the interests of customers due to commercial interests;


Inheritance and innovation are the business philosophy that Huiyi Company has always upheld. The textile industry is a traditional industry in China;